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Day 17: Brno, Czech Republic to Blansko, Czech Republic

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Start: Brno, Czech Republic
End: Blansko, Czech Republic
Distance: 60.5km
Elevation Gain: 2225ft
Elevation Loss: 2012ft
Time: 3h transit; 4h exploring caves
Reading Material: The Czechs and the Lands of the Bohemian Crown – Hugh Agnew
Audio Material: Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me

Legs are getting stronger. Was finally able to maintain a brisk 20km/hr pace on sustained, slight incline. I find it interesting how much road surface resistance impacts the ability to maintain speed. When the rig gets moving on smooth asphalt you can feel how momentum just wants to keep the tires rolling. But, on slightly rough asphalt you really have to work just to keep from slowing. I’m riding 1.75″ tires and wonder how narrower rubber would feel? Though, given the strange surfaces you encounter on a long tour (getting out of Brno was a maze of fractured sidewalks, missing paths, old railroad tracks with warped gaps and massive potholes), I doubt it would be a good idea.

Today’s ride was really only about 40km. This region north of Brno is known as Moravian Karst and is laced with limestone caverns. I arrived to the main tourist center Skalni Mlyn by 1130am, checked into the hotel and then started exploring. The caves are huge and I was only able to see 2 of the 4 before they closed for the evening (almost got to a 3rd but my improvised shortcut deadended at a 800ft cliff and I had to take the long 10km route around). I’ll check out some more caves tomorrow morning and then continue heading north.