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Bandy, prehistoric hockey

Here in Borovichi they have a professional Bandy team. Bandy, a prehistoric version of hockey which originated in Russia in the 1700s, looks like a mashup of soccer and field hockey on a giant ice surface with 10 players per side + a goaltender (without stick and defending a huge goal). Heading earns you a 5 minute penalty!

Have your mind blown by this video:

Nagano ’98

Watched the Barcelona v Bayern Champions League blowout in a bar titled Nagano 98 — a reference to the Czech National Team’s Ice Hockey gold at the 1998 Nagano Olympics. As you may have noticed, the Czechs are mad-crazy about hockey. I made friends with a group from Ostrava including former Bruins prospect David Hod’a (played for the Chilliwack Bruins in 2008). With the blowout, we drank too much Schnaps and stayed out too late.