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Day 50: Lunevo, Russia to Kostroma, Russia

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Start: Lunevo, Russia
End: Kostroma, Russia
Distance: 36.7km
Elevation Gain: 582ft
Elevation Loss: 603ft
Time: 2h04m
Reading Material:A World at Arms: A Global History of World War II – Gerhard L. Weinberg
Audio Material: Marketplace; Bullseye (Rick Moranis interview)

Quick trip on to the next Golden Ring stop just up the Volga: Kostroma.

On the A113, met a bike tourer headed in the opposite direction. Anatoyli had a nice, light setup with rear saddlebags. If we understood each other correctly, I believe he lives in Kostroma and was headed out for a nice little loop of Golden Ring towns.

Some excellent downhill traffic dodging into town. I played leapfrog with a wedding party and then passed them as they were disembarking by the river for a ceremony. Saw what I think was meant to be a sexy billboard advertising joining a convent (also, a reality TV program last night about a group of young women living in a convent)?

Rode around Kostroma’s ancient city center and famous trading stalls. Tomorrow, I’ll explore the city’s Romanov history.