Boat: Saint Petersburg, Russia to Lübeck, Germany

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Start: Saint Petersburg, Russia
End: Lübeck, Germany
Distance: 1532km
Time: 64 hours
Reading Material: Quicksilver (Baroque Cycle: Volume 1) – Neal Stephenson; War and Peace – Leo Tolstoy

Had a chance to live out my dream of being a shipping container. While not the fastest way to return to Germany, I figured a boat ride across the entire Baltic Sea would at least be a nice way to complete a big GPS track circle on the map. Also, shipping containers eat really well: three buffet meals a day!

Several lorry (aka truck) drivers stowed along and like a cat confronting a fish bowl, the natural road enemies traded wary stares across the mess hall.

Accomplished some good reading on the deck along with two lazy afternoon in a row. Met some new (non truck drivers) friends including a documentary filmmaker who recently completed a project driving her Lada Niva from Belgium to the Arctic Circle and a literature teacher relocating to Germany after spending 10 years teaching in Moscow.

After waiting for several trucks to unblock my bike, I road off the back of the boat ~1500km from Russia in Lübeck, Germany where three days of riding will take me back to Berlin.

One thought on “Boat: Saint Petersburg, Russia to Lübeck, Germany

  1. Alexander

    Hi! Finally, I’ve got time to visit your blog from our last meeting on the Yauza river bridge in Moscow.

    Glad, that you’ve been to St. Petersburg. I hope all things are right with you.

    22th of August I had been with my girl in Trawemunde by ferry from Liepaya (Lat.)

    We had got a trip from there to Paris through Netherlands by our bicycles.

    It was unbelievable.


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