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Boat: Saint Petersburg, Russia to Lübeck, Germany

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Start: Saint Petersburg, Russia
End: Lübeck, Germany
Distance: 1532km
Time: 64 hours
Reading Material: Quicksilver (Baroque Cycle: Volume 1) – Neal Stephenson; War and Peace – Leo Tolstoy

Had a chance to live out my dream of being a shipping container. While not the fastest way to return to Germany, I figured a boat ride across the entire Baltic Sea would at least be a nice way to complete a big GPS track circle on the map. Also, shipping containers eat really well: three buffet meals a day!

Several lorry (aka truck) drivers stowed along and like a cat confronting a fish bowl, the natural road enemies traded wary stares across the mess hall.

Accomplished some good reading on the deck along with two lazy afternoon in a row. Met some new (non truck drivers) friends including a documentary filmmaker who recently completed a project driving her Lada Niva from Belgium to the Arctic Circle and a literature teacher relocating to Germany after spending 10 years teaching in Moscow.

After waiting for several trucks to unblock my bike, I road off the back of the boat ~1500km from Russia in Lübeck, Germany where three days of riding will take me back to Berlin.