Day 3: Elsterwalde, Germany to Dresden, Germany

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Start: Elsterwalde, Germany
End: Dresden, Germany
Distance: 56.8km
Elevation Gain: 1041ft
Elevation Loss: 947ft
Time: 5h09m
Reading Material: The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao – Junot Diaz
Audio Material: Queen’s Queen II; NPR’s On The Media

Today was mostly an exercise in making distance. Didn’t have too far to go, but Dresden was waiting for me. Ever notice how as you approach your goal (hiking, biking, climbing, writing, etc) the last little bit always seems to take the longest?

It was fun watching the countryside change from farms (“frische Eier” signs reminding me of Vermont; and copious horseshit on the side paths) to urban. I started seeing road bike weenies on day rides about 15km from Dresden. And, then I entered the city and joined the urban bikers in their lanes for the last little bit.

I’m staying in an apartment right in tourist central across from the Frauenkirche. I was tired upon arrival but figuring out where to stash the bike (and all my stuff!) while locating check-in was not fun–not to mention dodging portly Germans and school groups on holiday. Once settled, I wandered off to find a beer reward and blend into the tourists.

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