Day 10: to Sezimovo Ústí, Czech Republic to Nová Bystřice, Czech Republic

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Start: Sezimovo Ústí, Czech Republic
End: Nová Bystřice, Czech Republic
Distance: 67.1km
Elevation Gain: 2798ft
Elevation Loss: 2097ft
Time: 7h29m
Reading Material: A History of the Jews – Paul Johnson
Audio Material: NPR’s Fresh Air

Castle me! Two nice castles passed today. One in Červená Lhota, a cute red castle across an old stone bridge. And, the other in Jindřichův Hradec at the confluence of a river and a lake. According to guide books, both are the 2nd most famous castles in the Czech Republic. Unfortunately, I was not able to tour inside either as it appears official castle tourist season starts tomorrow on May 1.

I am spending the night in Nová Bystřice right near the Austrian border. This southern region of Bohemia wants to be known as the Czech Canada. I am thinking this is a ploy to attract Canadian tourists as the landscape reminds me of many other, non-Canada places such as the Poconos, Catskills or Vermont. Though, I think Czechs are even more into hockey than Canadians. In the nearby forest, I got to zoom down through the trees on a nicely paved, narrow path. Got the rig up to 50km/h!

And, of course, just as I was feeling badass, I had my first real tumble just outside Nová Bystřice (we’re not going to count the ones where I’ve been stationary). While going uphill my chain slipped the smallest front gear and I pedaled furiously without going anywhere until the lack of momentum coupled with clipped feat caused me to lose balance. I unclipped and fell into a grass ditch a few feet below the road. Soft landing and the bike is so heavy, it just rests on the panniers and doesn’t even notice it’s fallen over. Luckily no one saw.

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