Day 30: Sviatets, Ukraine to Starokostyantyniv, Ukraine

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Start: Sviatets, Ukraine
End: Starokostyantyniv, Ukraine
Distance: 76.9km
Elevation Gain: 872ft
Elevation Loss: 972ft
Time: 6h18m
Reading Material: The Good Soldier Švejk – Jaroslav Hašek; Ukraine: A History, 4th Edition – Orest Subtelny
Audio Material: Stuff You Should Know podcast; Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me (not sure I’m a fan of Ken Jennings as a panelist); On The Media; The Nerdist podcast

Luckily the Yatsuk family doesn’t wake up early, so I was able to get an extra hour to try and sleep off the effects from last night. A quick note about Ukrainian pillows: they are big and dense and awesome. We had a hearty breakfast of borscht and coffee. I got an invite to come back after the bike trip to visit. Will have to see how to make that work.

I was given a flower garland by Ivan for good luck and pulled out of Sviatets. Feeling the after effects from last night, I was not in top form and struggled most of the day. This part of Ukraine is dotted by narrow lakes and I stopped by a beautiful one and dug into the goodie bag given to me by the Yatsuks for lunch. Fresh hardboiled eggs, green onions and a huge slab of cured pork. Thanks so much guys!

Passed a field that appeared to be growing vinyl records. Chased by more dogs (maybe getting more aggressive as I head east?). Decent distance covered by the time I made it to Starokostyantyniv, a medium-sized town of ~30,000 and impossible to spell, so I decided to rest for the night and get back at it tomorrow.

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